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Hanover Med Spa Hanover Med Spa

Hanover Med Spa
Hanover Spa Dolce

Laser skin tightening uses an infrared laser to heat the collagen beneath the skin, and this then causes the skin to contract. Unlike a facelift, no hospital stay or downtime is needed.

While most often applied to the face, the procedure can help to firm up the neck, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. It's particularly useful for women following childbirth to firm their abdomen.

Results are seen almost at once, and three to six months sees the full results manifest.

Hanover Med Spa

2001B Washington Street Hanover, MA 02339    ph: 781.792.0919 fax: 781.792.0929

Dolce Med Spa & Boutique BBB Business Review National Association of Professional Women.